Dreams of reality

If you haven’t seen Nolan’s Inception yet, go see it before it goes into Film archives. If you have seen it and you head is still spinning, read on!

A dream that we have during sleep is not much different experience than real life. It’s firing the same neurons that would have fired when the identical situation in real world were experienced. But wait a second, may be what we consider real world could be the first level dream where we spent most of our time in. A second level dream is the dream that we have at night? Well, at least some of us do!

What is reality? A perception of senses right? Our senses come to “us” in some chemical and electrical codes being transmitted from sensory organs to our brain. How hard will it be in future understand the correlation of how the senses transform into signals, reverse engineer ourselves and supplant the organic sensory transmissions into artificial one? How different would an “induced” experience be from the real experience? If fact, why would be any different if all our senses, vision, aural, tactile, smell and taste were all rerouted to the “generated” sensory signals?

Still in its infancy, but the whole attempt behind virtual reality is exactly that More hints. Isn’t it?

And what about those methane breathing intelligent life forms on yet to be discovered planet? Would they see exactly in our sense of visible spectrum of electro magnetic radiation, hear between 20Hz and 20KHz of vibrations?

Will there sense of reality similar to ours? If potentially they could be miles apart, what is reality anyway?