About me

Seasoned Technology Executive, Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur who can be found ideating or creating next generation connected and distributed enterprise solutions based IoT, cloud native, micro-services and machine learning technologies by day, a nutrition researcher by evening and a self-styled molecular gastronomy enthusiast by night. Somewhere in between I try to fit in a session on guitar or piano to keep some of his musical interest alive. Yeah, we all need the earth to slow down a bit and give us more than 24 hours in a day.


This blog is my thoughts on various subjects that interest me, make me think and opinions that define my beliefs. I try not to offend anyone but beliefs are bound to contradict, considering we all earthlings have a right to have one of our own and possibly diametrically opposite to some others. If some of my opinions do contradict with yours, please simply click away. Nobody is forcing you to stay here.